About Bhava Spiritual Mission

Bhava Spiritual Mission is an online destination for believers in the divine dimension of spirits, the afterlife, mediumship, channeling, psychic, and intuition. As a collective, we use our innate senses as a vehicle to express the divine, create astounding lives for ourselves, and serve the planet as ambassadors of divine love.

We are committed to the continued improvement of our connection to Spirit, our communication of Spirit’s message, and passing along the teachings of Spiritual Mediumship, in order to connect you directly with the Divine.

Our community is one of engagement and inclusion.  You can begin, wherever you are on your spiritual journey. All are welcome.

Dive deeper into faith with the Tenets of Bhava.

The Mission's Founder and Her Vision

Ingrid Turner started the Bhava Spiritual Mission with one simple, overarching goal: continue to improve and clarify humanity’s connection to divine source so that we can be clear and concise SPIRITUAL channels. She builds programs to bring people together and accomplish this mission.

As the head of the Bhava Spiritual Mission, she wears many a hat: Founder, CEO, lead channel, head minister, and principal and teacher for the ministry.

As your Bhava Channel, however, she sheds all those masks.

She is not your teacher. She is not your guru.  She and those who wear the Bhava Channel mantel are simply the channel for You and God – and our most important mission is to help you find and attune your innate abilities to commune with the Divine.